Ecogear Breamer Vibe 35mm
€12.50€ €9.90€
Ecogear Teibo Jig
€11.50€ €8.00€
Favorite Laguna
€75.00€ €60.00€
WFT Gliss
€18.00€ €14.00€


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DUO Realis Crank G87 20A
Crankbait engineering beyond barriers, beyond frontiers, beyond belief To set yoursel..
Ex Tax: €22.00€
DUO Realis Onimasu 188F
Pioneer of the Prometheus Project – taking realism to a new level The Prometheus Pr..
Ex Tax: €45.00€
DUO Realis Pencil 110 SW Limited
Saltwater tune for even more lethal Pencil 110 sessions Continuing in the trend of adjustin..
Ex Tax: €18.50€
DUO Realis Pencil Popper 110
Maintain your long distance relationship with trophy fish DUO`s success in the ..
Ex Tax: €19.95€
DUO Realis V-TailShad
We present our 3 dimensional pulsating shad worm able to handle various methods,..
Ex Tax: €8.50€
DUO Rough Trail Blazin
A perfect balance of weight and action The 92mm body has been packed with 40g of..
Ex Tax: €22.00€
DUO Terrif DC-12 Type I
The ultimate “down-cross” minnow The later attached lip and ‘suspended’ (neut..
Ex Tax: €22.00€
DUO Tide Minnow 125 SLD-F
An entry model 12 cm minnow A seabass lure’s castability does not only give a great..
Ex Tax: €23.00€
DUO Tide Minnow 145 SLD-F
Incomparable castability A seabass lure’s castability not only gives a great advant..
Ex Tax: €24.00€
DUO Tide Minnow Slim 120
Starting point of the slim minnow The Tide-Minnow slim 120 has broken the conceptual ..
Ex Tax: €19.95€