Ecogear Breamer Vibe 35mm
€12.50€ €9.90€
Ecogear Teibo Jig
€11.50€ €8.00€
Favorite Laguna
€75.00€ €60.00€
WFT Gliss
€18.00€ €14.00€
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Light Rock Fishing

Favorite Blue Bird
Not very long ago micro-jigging tackles, of course, if we talk about those tackles which allow re..
Ex Tax: €69.95€
Favorite Exclusive
These rods are a perfect instrument for of micro-jigging, a fishing technique prevailing in the s..
Ex Tax: €240.00€
Favorite Rockstar
Micro jig and rockfishing rods series, designed to satisfy beginners as well as professionals. We..
Ex Tax: €150.00€
Favorite White Bird
Favorite brand is happy to present a new ”bird” in it’s products range – White Bird. This..
Ex Tax: €55.00€