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Silicone baits from the esteemed Japanese company Keitech have gained immense popularity worldwide, and are widely regarded as the benchmark for quality and effectiveness. Throughout its history, Keitech has released numerous bait models, some of which have attained legendary status.

A compelling testament to the efficacy of these baits is the sheer number of imitators, with Keitech reigning supreme in this regard. Despite the availability of various replicas on fishing store shelves, they fail to match the catchability and appeal of the original.

The manufacturer employs high-quality materials renowned for their softness, durability, and elasticity. These qualities imbue the lures with a vibrant and distinctive swimming action. Keitech's signature touch lies in its branded flavour and aroma additives, capable of enticing even the most passive predator to strike. This unique characteristic of the original baits is so remarkable that some anglers have reported predator captures even with stationary baits resting on the bottom.

The effectiveness of Keitech baits is recognised by recreational anglers and acknowledged by renowned athletes, from different countries, who have achieved significant victories in major competitions using these lures. Additionally, the wide array of colours available for each bait model allow anglers to select the ideal bait for their specific needs.

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