Top Quality Original Products from Leading Brands Anglermania

We offer a great selection of fishing-related and other outdoor products.
Thousands of items are readily available for immediate despatch from our warehouse.

Top Tier Brands
We source our brands from world-recognised industry leaders that set trends and quality standards to provide effective and eco-friendly solutions to recreational anglers of all levels.
240 Retailers
Our products are already trusted by a wide network of retailers, and we are firmly set on further growth.
20+ Years in the Industry
We are proud to maintain and grow a powerful presence in the global fishing industry. Such a feat is only attainable by representing top-tier brands and products.
Attractive Terms for Our Partners
Our trading partners, old and new, can benefit immensely from various incentive schemes, such as volume discounts, flexible payment terms, buy-back programmes and other exclusive deals we have to help the performance of our clients.

About us

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We are predominantly focused on the East Mediterranean region where we are a key distributor with a wide network of regular clients (240 retailers) and strong determination for further growth.

Sustainability is at the core of our growth strategy. Our mission is to provide high-quality and eco-minded products to all anglers.

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