Tackle House

The Tackle House brand, hailing from Japan, is dedicated to crafting and producing unique baits for both marine and freshwater fishing. Established in 1982, the company made a significant breakthrough just five years later with the introduction of a bait featuring the revolutionary K-TEN system. This system, incorporating an automated mechanism to adjust the centre of gravity, continues to be utilised in the majority of Tackle House baits, delivering exceptional flight performance.

A key characteristic of Tackle House is the continuance of all their original designs. They never discontinued a lure they created but only updated their craft as times changed, moving from wood to plastic and metal.

The team of designers and engineers at Tackle House remains committed to enhancing materials, shapes, and colours to meet the evolving demands of contemporary anglers worldwide. Their constant drive for improvement ensures that Tackle House products consistently align with the ever-growing needs of the angling community.

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